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Sunstate Business Brokers is the result of a consolidation of two firms that for the last 23 years have been matching sellers of Florida-based businesses with Buyers from across America and around the world. One of these firms has, for the past 25 years, specialized in the Florida  mid-market, i.e., serving businesses that have revenues of $5 Million plus; the other being a division of the largest business brokerage firm in the world, one that typically servers buyers and sellers of Main Street businesses with Revenues from $500K to $5M.

It made sense, particularly in today’s changing and challenging economic times, to bring these two groups together to be better able to serve the full range of sizes and types of businesses located  on Florida’s west coast, from north of Tampa south to Naples, in addition to those in Central Florida.  For firms engaged in the brokering of business sales and acquisitions making a decision to move from one market to another, for example from Main Street to Mid-Market or from Mid-market to Main Street, requires much more than the will to do so: each market demands skills and knowledge that are unique to their respective markets, skills that can only be acquired with extensive training and experience working in those markets. This is the founding principle behind our merger.

 Our new company name may be unfamiliar, yet its owners and brokers have been successfully practicing business sales and acquisitions in Florida for many years and our combined talents and experience enable us to successfully negotiate the labyrinth that is the art and science of buying and selling a business. You can rest assured that engaging SBB to assist you in selling or buying a business, your representative will have the full complement of skills required to effect a successful transition of business ownership.


Tony Dempsey--Cynthia Copley--Larry Wilson

Sunstate Business Brokers
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