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Buying a Business

Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur, an experienced business owner or an investor searching for the right business to acquire here in Florida, we can help. For 23 years we have worked with buyers of every type, from across America and around the world who have been looking for a business in America’s Sun State You may have never purchased a business or worked with a Business Broker or Intermediary before; you may currently own a business or may have owned several in the past and may be experienced with the process of searching and purchasing an existing business; or you may be an investor that knows generally what he is looking for but would like someone to do the business search for you. In any case Sunstate Business Brokers has the skills and resources to assist you.


  • Business Search

With access to hundreds of businesses for sale state-wide, in addition to those we personally represent, we can find one to meet most people’s needs. Many people looking for a business are uncertain of exactly what they want.  Often they know only where they want the business to be located and how much they can afford to spend on a down payment. Others know exactly what field of business they are looking for and where, what they can afford to spend, and some have specific opinions as to the relationship between the cash flow of the business and its selling price. In any event, we work with each prospective Buyer to understand what their personal expectations of a business acquisition might be.  We will offer suggestions when we think they may help, provide an overview of current market conditions and provide prospective buyers with a variety of acquisition targets to choose from. If the current market does not offer anything that seems appealing, we will maintain a focused watch for anything that may come available in the near future.


  • Valuing the Business 

Individuals that are new to the process of buying a business often are not cognizant with the conventions and protocols associated with buying small and midsized businesses.  A review and discussion of these standards is often a good place to begin one’s business search.  Accountants and attorneys are usually not the best people to turn to for valuation advice because they do not sell businesses; Sunstate Business brokers regularly receives referrals from these professionals when they are asked by their clients for advice on buying or selling a business.  As anyone who has purchased or sold a home will agree, it is the market that ultimately decides the price regardless of cost of construction or anything else. A Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) is critical in Real Estate sales and is also very important in buying or selling a business. That said, a business must also be priced in such a manner that it represents a good return on one’s investment and further, that the cash that it throws off is sufficient to both cover the financing debt service as well as provide the Buyer with an income to live on. SBB will work with Buyers who may wish assistance in that regard, when reviewing individual businesses.


  • Financing Support

Almost all businesses purchased are done so with the assistance of third party or seller financing. Seller financing can be difficult to achieve, especially without a very hefty down payment. And forget what you may have heard about bank financing, even if it is your own bank telling you that. Banks will NOT finance a business acquisition with conventional financing without the borrower fully collateralizing the loan with real estate or liquid assets. What some banks ARE willing to do is provide loans that the government’s SBA programs guarantee up to 90 percent of. SSB has, similar to its pool of competent M&A accounting and legal representatives, a number of lenders that specialize in providing financing for small business acquisition, so speak to us about how we may help in this area.


  • What does it Cost?

Generally speaking SBB provides all its services to prospective buyers without charge; we are paid by the seller upon closing of a sale. There are occasions when Buyers may wish to ensure a Broker’s ongoing commitment to giving their search the highest priority, by putting the broker on a retainer. If that option interests you, ask SBB how it works.






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